• 7 Simple Ways To Stay Focused

    In a fast-paced world filled with endless distractions, maintaining focus has never been harder. I remember when I used to sit down at my desk and easily bury myself in my studies for hours on end without even the slightest thought of what I might have missed on Instagram or Facebook. Now, I sit down at my desk to tackle the morning’s emails or to edit a video and I battle to focus for more than an hour…and I find that..well, I find that pretty worrying.

  • Hurricane Surfing In Cornwall

    ‘To be able to share what you do and what you know with people is just quite incredible’  – James Otter I recently found myself in the quaint surfing town of Porthtowan in Cornwall, home of the ridiculously delicious & carb-o-licious Cornish Pasty (Cornwall that is, not Porthtowan specifically). We had arrived a couple of hours before sunset and were greeted by beautiful leafy narrow country lanes flowing up and over the green hills. As we drove down the narrow lane into Porthtowan, we got our first glimpse of the glassy ocean which was dotted with surfers getting the last of some decent conditions before Hurricane Ophelia was to rear…

  • The Ultimate Namibia Camping Guide

    Thinking of going on a scenic camping trip but aren’t sure where you should go? I only have one answer: Namibia! After recently completing an incredible, what I think I can safely call a ‘life changing trip’ driving from Cape Town, South Africa to Nairobi, Kenya (24000km to be exact…we took the long route), I can confirm that apart from South Africa, Namibia offers some of the BEST and most AFFORDABLE camping around. This my ‘Ultimate Namibia Camping Guide’ that should hopefully answer all of your camping-related questions below.