• A Safari To Remember

    For many South Africans, the term ‘bush’ or ‘safari’ is commonly associated with nostalgic memories from the world-renowned Kruger National Park, the 2 million hectare piece of wilderness that borders Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. For us, that statement stood true…that was until we had an amazing opportunity to visit Little Garonga Camp in the Makalali Nature Reserve, a short hour’s drive from the town Hoedspruit. This place, was truly a standout experience!

  • Cape Town to Kenya: Our 4×4 Self-Drive Route

    Welcome to part 2 of my Cape Town to Kenya blog post. In case you missed Part 1, let me fill you in real quick: A couple of years ago, my partner at the time and I commenced on a 3 month 4×4 self-drive expedition in our Land Rover Defender TDi named Pumba. Our journey took us 24000km from Cape Town to Kenya and back however whilst on the road, we both noticed how hard it was to get up to date and relevant information about potential routes, border crossings, fee’s, national parks and general 4×4 self-drive information. I have therefore broken this topic down into two blog posts each containing information…

  • The Ultimate Namibia Camping Guide

    Thinking of going on a scenic camping trip but aren’t sure where you should go? I only have one answer: Namibia! After recently completing an incredible, what I think I can safely call a ‘life changing trip’ driving from Cape Town, South Africa to Nairobi, Kenya (24000km to be exact…we took the long route), I can confirm that apart from South Africa, Namibia offers some of the BEST and most AFFORDABLE camping around. This my ‘Ultimate Namibia Camping Guide’ that should hopefully answer all of your camping-related questions below.

  • Cape Town to Kenya: All You Need To Know About Border Crossings

    If you’re here, you may be in the same predicament as we were in a few months ago; trying to plan a trip around Southern & East Africa however significantly lacking up to date information about potential routes, border crossings, fee’s, national parks and general self-drive information. After making it to Kenya and back in our Land Rover Defender TDi named Pumba, I thought that I would break this topic down into two blog posts each containing information pertaining to: Part 1: Everything Border Related: Vehicle Fees, Vehicle Requirements, Visas & Last Minute Thoughts. Part 2: Our route & stop-overs Please Note: I will only be able to give information…