• Paradise in Kenya

    I’m going to paint a scene for you, a scene that I recently got to experience for myself. It’s a scene that resembles my version of paradise & I want you to experience it with me. I’m going to transport you far away from your laptop screens and we’re going to travel to the Mother Continent. We’re going to travel to Kenya in East Africa.

  • Lets Just Go Somewhere

    As some of you may know, my definition of the word ‘travel’ does not involve jumping into a plane & flying halfway across the world to a climate, culture & landscape completely opposite to your one at home. It does not mean spending copious amounts of money on tickets, accommodation & travel expenses, but rather the word ‘travel’ means to leave the place that you are currently in & exploring new or old places that may be an hour away, a day away or yes, a 12 hour plane journey away. It’s about going somewhere, anywhere.

  • Camping Under The Stars: A Photo Blog

    ‘I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.’ – Sarah Williams ‘SEVEN! That was the seventh shooting star I’ve seen so far tonight.’ It was New Years Eve & Ben & I had hoisted the mattress, pillows and blanket onto the roof of the Land Rover, on top of which I was lying. The thought of needing a blanket and jersey was a pleasant one, as the days and previous nights temperatures before were way too uncomfortable, even with the wind blowing. In the distance you could hear the baboon’s barking in the mountains and the quiet chatter and laughter of the other campers in…