Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Where do you live?
  • A: In Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Q: What did you study?
  • A: I finished my undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Arts) majoring in Psychology & Environmental Sciences at the University of Cape Town. After this I studied for another year in 2015 to obtain an honours degree in Brand Communications & Leadership.
  • Q: How old are you?
  • A: I’m 23!
  • Q: What is the best way to start a blog?
  • A: Trial and error. I use a self-hosted WordPress site with a free theme. It is simple, easy and provides their own themes for users. Just keep on writing!
  • Q: What camera/s do you use?
  • A: Canon 5D, iPhone 5S & Canon G7X. Mainly my iPhone.
  • Q: What are your plans this year?
  • A: Great question! My aim is to travel as much as possible, expanding on both my YouTube vlogs and written blogs about stories from the road. It is a bit of trial and error year to be honest.




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  • Vanessa

    Hi Nicole! I’ve been following your adventures with Ben for a few years now (wow, that’s a long time). You’ve made me fall in love with Cape Town I’ve been there for a week but I’m thinking about coming back for a longer stay during my gap year. Is Cape Town safe for a young (European) girl? Do you have any advice for me? Where are the best places to stay?
    Thanks! Keep on doing what you do I’m loving it.

  • Calvin Hill

    ever come through to Stellies? Hear the wine here is pretty good… Rivalries aside, Matieland is pretty sweet! Keep up the awesome content!

  • Kristy

    Hey Nicole! I really enjoy reading your blog and watching your and Ben’s vlogs. Keep up the good work! I’m going to University of Cape Town for study abroad and I’m majoring in Environmental Science. Do you have any class recommendations? I’m look for upper division classes so the class ID should be around the 3000s. Thanks! Hope you enjoy your travels. xx

    • Nicole Eddy

      Hmm, I’m trying to remember the one that I did. I took 3020F in the first semester and then geographic thought in the second semester. Very interesting 🙂 All of the courses are awesome in the EGS department!

  • Noah

    When you say your blog is self-hosted, do you literally run your own server or do you use a third party to host your domain?

    • Nicole Eddy

      No, I don’r run my own server, wordpress does that for me 🙂

  • Oliver Pears

    Do you make money out of Blogging? I would really like to try 🙂

    • Nicole Eddy

      I don’t make money off of blogging. I’ve recently set up AdSense on here but it’s enough to buy me one coffee 🙂

  • MiltonDValler

    I assume the dog is Ben’s The pic is 500% cute.

    • Nicole Eddy

      Alfie, he is yes 🙂

  • Maya M

    Hello Nicole! First of all, I love your blogs, they’re inspiring and entertaining. I was wondering if you could tell me a little about Environmental Sciences, it sounds interesting but I really don’t know what it is about. I plan to study communications but I’m not completely sure about it because I also like ecology and some environment related careers which have nothing to do with communication. Do you have any tips on picking a career?. Much love from Mexico. x

    • Nicole Eddy

      Hi Maya! Thank you 🙂 The course varies a lot depending on the place that you study as one would usually adapt the content to suit the environment. So in my course, we learnt about the local vegetation, climate, did excursions examining the geology, we learnt about global weather, all the way to city planning & development, the history of South Africa etc. It also delves into geological time-telling, ice ages. Basically all the stuff that I love, very very interested if you’re into that type of thing!

      • Maya M

        Thanks for your response.

        I did some research and apparently there aren’t any universities in my town that offer anything like that and I can’t afford going out of town but I’ll sure buy some books, study and I’ll ask my local aquarium if I can do some work with them to learn a little more about it, plus I live next to the sea so I think it’ll be quite interesting and maybe after I finish university or during university I can use what I’ll learn of communication to raise awareness in people about the environment and why they should take care of it. I got really inspired while doing my research!

        P.S. I look forward to seeing more of your vlogs! 😀 x

  • Kelly Faria

    When i found out you had a blog, I HAD to check it out. I first heard of you guys in November when Ben came to Toronto for Bufferfest 2015. (I even met Louie there, too!) I was blown away by the visual vibes of the atlantis dunes video Ben presented, and that’s when I first saw you! I immediately thought you were such a rad chick. I then saw you in some surf videos and fell in love with cape town. I am so stoked about this blog! I’m starting one, too, and just started youtube as well. It’s a trial and error year for me as well. You’re a talented writer and you’re already great at doing vlogs. And you got Ben as a teacher! You’re a lucky girl who will do great things! 🙂

    • Nicole Eddy

      Thanks Kelly 🙂 Sorry for the late reply! How is the blog & YouTube going? I hope that it’s all going smoothly & thanks for your great positive comment! Maybe meet you at Buffer Fest round 2 this year 🙂

      • Kelly Faria

        Thanks for the reply! It really means a lot! It’s going. Right now, I’m trying to do all the writing from previous trips and have some videos to edit. Youtube is going well. I started as a video game commentator, but atm I am trying to expand into different things. My love is for travel and hope to one day focus more on that with my content. Much like how you, Ben, and Louie do. I just don’t live in a place that’s as beautiful as South Africa 🙂 Good luck with everything!!! I will keep watching the vlogs and reading your adventures here!

  • Hanna

    Ahh I really enjoy your writing. Funny thing, ’cause I didn’t know you were studying something similar, that I am studying, connected with brands, design and all that ‘branding’ stuff about firms blabla. Do you have any plans/work pland that evolve around that area? Plus keep on vlogging, its a really good medium 🙂

    • Nicole Eddy

      Hey Hanna, I don’t have any plans to go directly into the branding world right now. A lot of the work that I learnt last year can be applied to developing my own personal brand which is what I’ll be trying to do this year, but I’m not very keen in working for a branding agency, especially in South Africa/Cape Town. Low pay, extremely competitive & it feels as though everyone is trying so hard to stand out to look the part of a brand-savvy individual 🙂 A lot of sweeping statements in that but that’s just what I’ve noticed so far. Who knows…maybe one day though right?!

      • Hannah

        Thank you for the answer. Yeah I though so, that it may come in handy, while creating your own brand 😀 In my Uni, we mix branding with design and advertisements, so it doesn’t really ‘stay in that box’ of just being the head of creating a good image for a company (at least you can switch to whatever you’re comfortable with, in my case design). Cheers from frozen Poland, can’t wait for your intro and outro. ciao xxx

  • Jemma Lincoln

    do you have a snapchat?? if yes what is also i love you photos <3

    • Tara Cleverley

      Yes she does! I follow her snapchat
      which is her username

      • Nicole Eddy

        Spot on!

  • Grace

    I love your blog Nicole! I like that it’s tailored to fit you and not what people want you to be like.
    Much love from The United States 🙂

    • Nicole Eddy

      Thanks Grace 🙂 x

  • Kate

    Hello Nicole! I absolutely love reading your blog posts. They are interesting in perspective and activity, which totally leaves me wanting to read more! I think your lifestyle is something to strive for and seems so adventurous and fulfilling. I’d love to read a blog post on your finances, income, or budgeting stratagys. I assume school in Cape Town is pretty expensive, not to mention all the wonderful trips you take. As someone who wants to travel more and maybe even start a travel and lifestyle blog myself it would be extremely helpful!

  • Jaime

    What is Brand Communication & Leadership actually about? Can you tell us something about what you study?

    • Nicole Eddy

      Hey Jaime, essentially it’s all about how you build and maintain a healthy brand through different brand strategies, research etc. It’s really interesting 🙂

  • Ross

    Hi Nicole, Love all of these blog posts. I love watching Ben’s Vlogs in Capetown and can’t wait till you finish your studies so you can join more road trips with Ben, Dan and Jeremy in Pumba! -Ross (Over from the UK)

    • Nicole Eddy

      Thanks Ross. Cheers from Cape Town. x

  • Vero

    Hey Nicole! My name is Veronica and I’m from Mexico City! I really like your blog and it seems like you love living in Cape Town and everything you can do there! I’m in uni and I was thinking of doing a semester in the University of Cape Town. When do you think is the best time to be there? Anywhere you would recommend to live? Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated..
    Thank you!!

    • Nicole Eddy

      Thanks Vero, I’m afraid that you would have to contact UCT for info about that, they usually put foreign students in their own housing just next to campus as far as I know, but anytime of year is good really 🙂

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  • Hellie

    Hi there my name is hellie, I am only 15 years old but just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading your blogs, Myself I don’t usually read much unless I find something interesting so thank you! I suppose many people have also told you that you are very good at writing. Also the pictures you take are so beautiful I love photography pictures say a 1000 words I guess. As I unfortunately live in London it is hard to find nice pictures as I go to school and it also rains a lot as you have probably heard, originally I come from Zimbabwe but we lost our farm however it must be nice to live in sunny South Africa, I would love to go there when I have finished school but I have still a few years to go so that will have to wait. Anyway please keep writing You seem like a really fun positive person to be around I’d love to meet you. sorry for any spelling mistakes it is a weakness of mine hopefully spell check has worked its magic.

    • Nicole Eddy

      Hey Hellie, thank you 🙂 I’m glad that you enjoy reading my posts, particularly as you said that you don’t enjoy reading however reading is one of the most important things to broaden our minds further than our own thoughts. So keep up the reading, it is invaluable! Sorry to hear about your farm, Zim is (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful & amazing countries that i have visited, and the people are even better, apart from good old Mugabe of course! I hope that you will be able to your home once more! And thank you for your kind comment 🙂

  • Eli

    Hi Nix! First of all..really enjoying your blog! What you write about, the spontaneity and the way you formulate yourself really gets to me. So I wondered if you could link your theme/code you use on your wordpress site? I am really loving it, the practicability and everything is very nice. Maybe I would just turn it blue? Anyways..that was that. And also I am embarking on a rather epic adventure involving Tanzania,Norway,USA & Canada. Could I email you about some general questions about your writing, what you think when you write and so on…because I would love to be able to express my adventures in the form of blogging. Much love from Norway Eddy! Cheers .x

    • Nicole Eddy

      Thanks Eli 🙂 My theme is from an awesome site called http://www.blogmilkshop.com, you should definitely check their themes out. And then you can change your colours accordingly in the appearance bar 🙂 Your adventure sounds awesome, feel free to email those question and I’ll try get back to you ASAP.

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