Goals & All That Jazz

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” – Ernest Hemingway
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I recently sent out a tweet asking my audience for some blog posts ideas and I wanted to hear from them what they wanted to hear from me. Upon scrolling through the rather interesting replies, there were several tweets that asked me to write a post on ‘my goals & hopes for the future’, which got me thinking…what are they? I mean, most of us have short & long-term goals that originated directly out of the ‘Goal Handbook’, with some of the most popular including ‘to be successful (what does that even mean?), to travel more, to lose weight, to spend more time with family & friends, to learn how to cook or to get an A in Maths’. I’m afraid that I find the path of majority of our goals very similar to the path of our New Years resolutions, they are fun to come up with, they are based on one’s ideal version of reality & they almost never make room for change or life’s unannounced surprises.

I haven’t really thought about what my goals are in a very long time, in fact I wasn’t even sure what they were until I began to write this post. My life has taken a completely different route to what I had ever imagined consisting of the new and powerful world of social media, an opportunity for more travel and adventure, pursuing an honours degree specialising in branding and having my very own blog where people actually read my posts. This all took place within the past year and a half and has indeed become a large part of my life, and although not much else has changed in terms of who I am, my love for surfing, my relationship with Ben and my daily lifestyle, I have to make room for this new and exciting path, one that holds the most surprises and the most uncertainty.

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It was with a lot of reluctance that I started my final year of studying in Cape Town just over 2 weeks ago after hopping off the plane from Canada following an amazing 3 weeks based in the mountains snowboarding & sightseeing, something that I had never even dreamt of being apart of my reality, not so soon anyway. I came back on a complete high with a refreshed love for travelling and exploring beyond where my imagination could ever take me. But before we talk more about that, let me take you on a quick and condensed journey back through time so you can understand where I am going with this.

So you see, I have watched this guy called Ben Brown (he also happens to be my boyfriend, at least he was the last time I checked my Facebook relationship status), transform from a full-time paddler whose life was consumed by the clinical routine of the sport to a period of limbo where there was a lot of uncertainty as to what his future might hold after ending his successful career of flatwater kayaking to transforming into a journey through space and time; the internet. I didn’t even know that ‘vlogging’ existed, or that YouTube was a thing used for more reasons than stalking my favourite surfers or getting help with my science work. I watched his life turn into a series of opportunities that many could only dream about, including myself, but yet the lesson there was vital and so blatant – through hard work and perseverance, you can make your ideal world a reality! As disgustingly cliche and poetic as that sounds, I witnessed it first-hand, often to be honest, with many unspoken doubts going on within my mind about this whole ‘internet vibe’!

So you may ask what on Earth did all of that have to do with setting my goals? Well, everything! It cemented my love for exploration and travel whether it be abroad or locally and through witnessing how quickly life can change, I learnt, as I stated above, that through hard work, belief and perseverance you can determine your outcome without succumbing to the pressures of what society has deemed as right or ‘normal’, of which these levels of ‘social norms’ are constantly undergoing change. There is no right or wrong path despite what your teachers, parents or friends say, and least of all, what society says because at one stage society deemed it as ‘normal’ for women to have little to no rights as well as considered it ‘normal’ to only bath once a year. Look where we are now!

My main goal is to combine my love for travel, writing & surfing/adventure sports and to take you along with me wherever that might be, because throughout the short-lived year of 2015, I have come to realise that this is what I love, and being able to do that for however long I can would be what I would want to put all of my energy into in order to make it a reality. The thing is, there are a million travel writers out there, so now it’s time for me to focus on the next challenge (part time as my studies require the other half of my brain) which is how to be horridly successful at it in order to be the best that I can be. Whether my current degree is taking me closer to my goals of achieving this and adding to my current happiness, I am still in the tiring process of figuring out, but no one ever figured anything out by quitting, so I’m hanging in there to see how it goes whilst nursing my wanderlust at the same time. I cannot wait for next year and the possibilities that lie ahead but in the meantime, let’s tackle each day of this year together and see where it takes us, and where we take life. The unknown future is a scary place and I’m scared as hell as the new chapter of independence and freedom begins to unfold and I hope that you scared too, because that’s when we are doing it right!

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Enough about me, now it’s your turn, I want to hear about big changes that you’ve made within your life, unexpected turns or when you beat the odds!