My Canada Essentials


Some of you might be aware that I am shortly heading off to Alberta, Canada for two weeks where the mountains are bigger, the snow is thicker, the temperatures are colder and the scenery is more beautiful…or so I’ve heard. I guess this would be the appropriate time to announce that I have never actually seen real snow before, nothing that counts anyway! As you can imagine my excitement levels are through the roof and I literally cannot get on that airplane soon enough, but before I rush off anywhere armed only with flip flops, shorts and a hoody, I thought that it would be better to get geared up for the snow in order to avoid frostbite.





These are some of my essentials for my Canada trip from top left:

Topo Designs Backpack – This classic backpack was a very welcome gift from Topo Designs. It will be perfect in the mountains as it is weatherproof, light weight & has zipper pockets within grabbing distance for my phone, money etc.

Lululemon Hoody – I haven’t used it many times back home in Cape Town as temperatures are often pretty warm but this is one of my best hoodies that I own. It’s super snug inside and can be used for both chilling and exercising, the latter of which I am fairly confident that it is originally intended for…don’t quote me on that. The only downfall is that it is quite heavy, a consequence for being able to handle the cold I guess.

Sorel Waterproof Boots – My newest & favourite addition to my snow gear! I came across these snow boots in London at ‘The Snowboard Asylum’ (it’s a pretty bad ass shop) whilst internally making fun of a pair of long shiny black moon boots which were obviously intended for the staff at NASA. The weight of the Sorel boots were quite an adjustment at first however the benefits, being 100% waterproof and designed for -40 degrees C, clearly outweigh any negatives! To convince me further about this purchase was Steve Booker, the UK’s number one men’s fashion blogger, whose knowledge about quality fashion & clothing products should not be questioned.

Von Zipper Skylab Goggles – These Von Zipper goggles were recommended to me by Two Seasons in Kingston, UK. Although Oakley has unquestionable quality lenses, these VZ goggles fit my small head the best and due to the fact that I am a female, looks naturally played quite a large, if not the largest role.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses – These have certainly outlasted my clumsy habits that often involve dropping or losing most items that come within my grabbing range. So far I have not lost these (which is apparent), not permanently anyway, and they have certainly withstood a large amount of dropping.

Polaroid 300 Camera – Because film lasts longer.

Book – I started The Fault in our Stars two days ago and I am hooked. It has been ages since I have had time to tuck into a good book and the feeling is so welcoming! All I can picture is sitting in front of a wood fire with some red wine and my book after a long day on the slopes.

RipCurl Beanie – Ben bought the world’s largest bobble beanie for me about two years ago as a gift. It has been my favourite ever since, and I do love my beanies. It’s looking a bit grey now days but it is super warm and fluffy and has kept me super snug since I landed in the UK.