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Hurricane Surfing In Cornwall

November 18, 2017

‘To be able to share what you do and what you know with people is just quite incredible’  – James Otter

I recently found myself in the quaint surfing town of Porthtowan in Cornwall, home of the ridiculously delicious & carb-o-licious Cornish Pasty (Cornwall that is, not Porthtowan specifically). We had arrived a couple of hours before sunset and were greeted by beautiful leafy narrow country lanes flowing up and over the green hills. As we drove down the narrow lane into Porthtowan, we got our first glimpse of the glassy ocean which was dotted with surfers getting the last of some decent conditions before Hurricane Ophelia was to rear her head the following day.

‘There’s surf! How cool is this guys?!’ I bellowed from the driver’s seat, my face up against the windscreen in an attempt to get a better look of the surf. We drove down the sandy road towards the beach and beautiful sea cliffs and watched as humans strolled barefoot past our car, surfers in suits running to and from the beach, either with a smile on their face from their recent session or in a hurry to get one last surf in before the sun sets. Damn son! Now, this is the type of England that I like! Read More

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Maldives – Is It Really Paradise?

February 6, 2017

The bloody Maldives! I was SO excited that I was going to bed earlier each night in order to make the days go quicker. This was a TRIP OF A LIFETIME, a place that I had dreamt about going to for years prior, to experience tropical warm water for the first time in my life, the joys of surfing without a wetsuit. I think that I was as excited as I used to get as a child before Christmas where I would become so hyped up for Father Christmas’ arrival, and then get so scared that a random bearded stranger would soon be in my house that my parents would have to give a teaspoon of Stopayne to make me sleep. Yes Stopayne, get over your neurotic selves, it might not have been the best parenting option but I turned out alright in the end…more or less anyway.

Flying into the Maldives was a spectacle alone, the turquoise coloured oceans, the white sand spits in the middle of the ocean, boats zooming across the deep blue leaving a trail of white foam behind them. We were welcomed into the tiny airport of Male with a wave of overwhelming humidity, beads of sweat instantly trickling down our spine and dotting our foreheads. After a smooth baggage collection process (one always seems to underrate smaller airports for some reason), our surfboards had been put aside for us to come and grab them before heading off on a 45 minute boat ride to Kandooma, home to the wave of Kandooma right.

Read More

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Camping Under The Stars: A Photo Blog

January 11, 2016

‘I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.’ – Sarah Williams


Image by Ben Brown

‘SEVEN! That was the seventh shooting star I’ve seen so far tonight.’ It was New Years Eve & Ben & I had hoisted the mattress, pillows and blanket onto the roof of the Land Rover, on top of which I was lying. The thought of needing a blanket and jersey was a pleasant one, as the days and previous nights temperatures before were way too uncomfortable, even with the wind blowing. In the distance you could hear the baboon’s barking in the mountains and the quiet chatter and laughter of the other campers in the riverine area. We fell asleep watching the satellites and shooting stars, making up our own shapes and constellations as the speckled holes to heaven moved above us, wandering what the indigenous people who used to roam the remote Cederberg region thought about the heavens above.

‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!’

Below are some photos from our recent trip to the Cederberg, a mountainous region where temperatures are unforgiving, yet a beautiful getaway only 3 hours out of Cape Town. This is what we saw:





This is what our camping set-up looks like, everything is so easily accessible on the landy. The awning, the rooftop tent, the water storage & the kitchen (Courtesy of Front Runner SA).


Endless mountains, never-ending dusty winding roads & seeing almost no sign of civilisation for ages…a refreshing way to start 2016.


Image by Ben Brown

Image by Ben Brown

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed the photo blog & if I should do more in the future 🙂

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