Resolutions & Revelations

“This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.” – Taylor Swift

Wow, 2015 already! We made it guys…you & me! Just because it is a brand spanking new year does not mean that everything from now on will sail smoothly like rainbows & unicorn poops, nope. Unfortunately, each new year comes with it’s challenges and difficulties that we must once again learn to overcome, to conquer, and that way we can make ourselves stronger only to eradicate the next challenge that lies in our path. But with the bad comes the good, I am positive that along with the tears comes the laughing from deep within our bellies, new adventures that will replace the old, the old or new friends that we connect with and of course, with struggle comes reward.

I thought that I would list five of my most meaningful & important New Year’s resolutions, and if they happen to be the same as yours or you wish to join me on this year’s journey, we can help & encourage each other! Let’s get started…

1) Live greener

It’s no secret that our precious world needs help. Our population growth is exceeding what the Earth can provide for us, or rather provide for our greedy lifestyles of mass consumption of food, plastic, goods & rubbish. Instead, it is not uncommon to see people throw their crisps packets on the floor, watch ‘helplessly’ as our rubbish gets taken by a gust of wind, throw cigarette butts onto the road while driving & how easy it has become to walk past litter everyday and think nothing of it. I’m a culprit too, I’m a bystander. But I want to take responsibility for not only my actions but other people’s negligence & naivety. So, starting with the seed planted in my head by Ben Brown as well as Greenpop founder & talented singer, Jeremy Loops, I have decided to make it my mission to ensure that I cut down on using plastic namely water bottles, coffee lids, straws & plastic packets.

Over the past few days I have been informed & educated about plastic waste & have been corrected when I so complacently use straws and coffee lids for no real reason apart from habit. As a result I am going to try and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Along with this, I will be participating in beach clean-ups at my local beach whether it is organised or whether I do it in my own time whenever I can. I think that everyone should at least make an effort with this resolution…surely?

P.S Check out this website HERE about surfing sustainably. I learnt a lot of things from it about recyclable materials used in the new generation of surfboards. I also follow  Alison Teal on Instagram, she doesn’t know it but her work to save the planet inspires me on the daily! Also be sure to check out Jeremy Loops, one of the most passionate guys that I have met about saving the earth & trying to make a difference. Click here to find out more about Greenpop, there’s opportunities for you guys to come & help out with reforestation in Zambia annually.

2) Remove or Introduce Habits

Some habits are a part of who we are as a person and other habits need to go…for good. Other things like my mission above to reduce plastic waste, need to be implemented within our lives until it starts becoming  a daily norm for us. I was taught some valuable advice the other day regarding habits and that was to only focus on one habit at a time. When you try & eradicate two or three habits at the same time, it so often does not work and we quickly lose interest. So try and focus on removing or introducing one habit at a time and this will enable you to give it your all. Some habits that I would like to introduce is less sugar intake, improve posture, floss more, increase my water intake and do more intense exercise!

3) Stop procrastinating

I deem myself as the Procrastinator Queen. If an assignment is due in two weeks, I will most certainly start it two days before & although I always manage to get it done, there is a lot of easily avoidable panic and stress that comes with that! By starting or at least thinking and planning a project in advance, it allows for a more in depth thinking process with time to iron out the creases and reduce mistakes that often come hand in hand with a last minute rush.

4) Smile More 🙂

We take life very seriously. VERY seriously! This goal is pretty self-explanatory to be honest, I want to use my cheek muscles more by showing off my pearly whites on the daily. After all, when you look at Earth from space, we’re really not that important, so why be grumpy & serious when we can be smiley & delirious 🙂

5) Just say ‘Yes”!

I met a Kiwi lady once when I was living in England, and often after my friends and I had been fed feasts fit for the Queen & drunk copious amounts of red wine in front of the fireplace, Tracey would tell us in her thick New Zealand accent, ‘Kids, eef there’s one theeng thet I can tell you in life, it’s to just say yes! Just say yes! Rapeet after me, ‘Just say yes!’ Like most of us, I love being tucked up in my little bubble with my surfboard, friends, t.v. & couch, but that’s not where life begins. When we push ourselves & COMMIT to decisions that we make outside of our comfort zone, those are the things that we remember & often where opportunities wait for us to snatch them up! I want to be a go-getter, a doer & show commitment in every task that I get presented with!

When in doubt, ‘Just Say Yes!’, unless it’s drugs, don’t do drugs.

Have an awesome 2015 🙂