The Ski Week – The Craziest Week of My Life


On Friday 11 March, I left Cape Town, South Africa, for a little change of scenery. I left the sun, the waves and Summer for snow, Winter and what was to be the craziest week of my life. A little nervous and apprehensive as to not knowing what was coming my way, I headed off on my 16 hour journey to Obertauern, Austria for something called The Ski Week.

On Sunday 21 March, I arrived back home from Obertauern, Austria, as sick as a dog, bruises everywhere, a little smelly and the memories from one of the best weeks of my life. For those who were as clueless as me about what The Ski Week entails, it is essentially a week where a whole bunch of people from across the world meet up for a week of skiing or boarding, the traditional European apres-ski and well, to be honest, a lot of partying. It is typically a trip that groups of friends will book a while in advance as it sells out relatively quickly, and once everyone arrives, everyone from The Ski Week stays in the same building in different apartments and goes through the week doing a bunch of planned activities organised by the dedicated members of The Ski Week.

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Some of you might be familiar with The Ski Week’s warmer equivalent, The Yacht Week. Both of these events happen several times throughout the year including the likes of Austria, Chamonix, Aspen and Hakuba (Ski Week) as well as Italy, Greece, Croatia, Thailand and the British Virgin Islands (Yacht Week). I was lucky enough to be invited by the waterproof wireless speaker company, Ultimate Ears, who took a different team of influencers for each of the two weeks in the magical fairyland town of Obertauern, the place where Ski Week was born.

– Our beautiful crew

I thought that I would share some of my highlights from The Ski Week with you:

  1. Night Ski – This involved having 1 ski lift open until 8:30pm where a bunch of us gathered on the top of a blue run slope. Those who were competent enough riders took a fire torch with them to the bottom while the rest of us, who had different goals in mind, such as aiming to try and stay upright, followed behind and weaving in between. At the bottom of the slope, we entered into what was the craziest party of the week, but as they say…what happens on Ski Week, stays on Ski Week 😉
  2. Champagne Party – The team at The Ski Week dig out a snow lounge on the side of the slope where the Ski Weekers meet before the final lift closed for a champagne party, a DJ booth in the snow and iced beers. Needless to say, an incredible location for a party.
  3. Pond Skim – Once again, The Ski Week crew dig out a pond at the bottom of a steep slope, fill it up with fresh icy mountain water and the challenge is for skiers & boarders to skim across the pond onto the other side. If you want entertainment, this is it. A lot of skims done in style, but a lot of skims end where they basically, well, they basically eat pond.
  4. Oktoberfest – The final night. Everyone pulls together the last of their energy out of the bags, stocks up on tissues to keep the running nose a little more pleasant to be around, dresses up in traditional Lederhosen & dirndl’s and head out for one last time as a group. This night was one for the books.

If you are planning on going either The Ski Week or The Yacht Week, I have put together some recommendations that I learnt the hard on my trip:

  • Save up. These events are not cheap & therefore the more money that you have saved for the trip, the more fun that you can have without worrying while your friends have fun without you.
  • Buy Vitamins. The chances of getting sick are high, start taking vitamins before and have some on hand during the trip.
  • Buy snacks & fresh produce. My body was craving fresh fruit & vegetables on the trip, and therefore I would recommend doing a big shop on the first day with all the necessary snacks needed to keep you fuelled and healthy.
  • Have the best week of your life!

A big thank you again to Ultimate Ears and The Ski Week for this insane trip. Hopefully I’ll see some of you special people reading this at the a future event.

QUESTION: If you have been to either before, how was it?

Secondly, do you have any tips or recommendations of your own?