• 7 Simple Ways To Stay Focused

    In a fast-paced world filled with endless distractions, maintaining focus has never been harder. I remember when I used to sit down at my desk and easily bury myself in my studies for hours on end without even the slightest thought of what I might have missed on Instagram or Facebook. Now, I sit down at my desk to tackle the morning’s emails or to edit a video and I battle to focus for more than an hour…and I find that..well, I find that pretty worrying.

  • Chapter Closed

    I put my pen down and closed my book, my hand cramping after cramming as much information as I could within the allotted 4 hour time period. I packed up my highlighters, my pencil and spare pen which were strewn across my desk and quietly pushed my chair out against the wooden floor. I walked to the front of the class and handed in my four exam books to the invigilator, I signed my name off on the list, picked up my bag and walked out closing the door gently behind me. 30th October 2015, 1:00pm. I was finished. Done. 13 years of school and studies and I was finally…