• Hurricane Surfing In Cornwall

    ‘To be able to share what you do and what you know with people is just quite incredible’  – James Otter I recently found myself in the quaint surfing town of Porthtowan in Cornwall, home of the ridiculously delicious & carb-o-licious Cornish Pasty (Cornwall that is, not Porthtowan specifically). We had arrived a couple of hours before sunset and were greeted by beautiful leafy narrow country lanes flowing up and over the green hills. As we drove down the narrow lane into Porthtowan, we got our first glimpse of the glassy ocean which was dotted with surfers getting the last of some decent conditions before Hurricane Ophelia was to rear…

  • How To Start Your Own Blog

    The internet has rapidly become a place of sharing our lives with not only our friends, but with the world. We indulge in sharing stories of our daily lives, to our weekend adventures, our holidays and even our troubles & tribulations. The media platforms that allow this sharing to take place have become endless, from photo-sharing apps, to sharing live snippets from our day, filming our adventures & uploading it onto YouTube and of course, one of the oldest forms of online sharing, the blog!

  • Why YOU should travel

    ”The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine Don’t you just love the word ‘travel’? Apart from rolling off the tongue with ease, travel has that nomadic, free-spirited ring to it. The problem that I have with the word ‘travel’ however, is that it is immediately associated with booking expensive long-haul flights and ending up halfway across the world in a land so distant and foreign, that even Donald Trump seems more relatable than the place that you’ve just stepped into.