• 7 Simple Ways To Stay Focused

    In a fast-paced world filled with endless distractions, maintaining focus has never been harder. I remember when I used to sit down at my desk and easily bury myself in my studies for hours on end without even the slightest thought of what I might have missed on Instagram or Facebook. Now, I sit down at my desk to tackle the morning’s emails or to edit a video and I battle to focus for more than an hour…and I find that..well, I find that pretty worrying.

  • Cape Town to Kenya: All You Need To Know About Border Crossings

    If you’re here, you may be in the same predicament as we were in a few months ago; trying to plan a trip around Southern & East Africa however significantly lacking up to date information about potential routes, border crossings, fee’s, national parks and general self-drive information. After making it to Kenya and back in our Land Rover Defender TDi named Pumba, I thought that I would break this topic down into two blog posts each containing information pertaining to: Part 1: Everything Border Related: Vehicle Fees, Vehicle Requirements, Visas & Last Minute Thoughts. Part 2: Our route & stop-overs Please Note: I will only be able to give information…