Winter Surf Essentials

I know that this is long overdue. Without making too many excuses, life has been pretty crazy lately with exams and deadlines, as I’m sure that it has been for every other student out there, both at school and university. So without further delay, I bring to you…my ‘Winter Surf Essentials’.

Surfing in Winter in Cape Town actually isn’t all that bad, in fact, I much prefer it to Summer! The water on the Atlantic side of the ocean is much warmer as the South Easter wind that pumps through in Summer does not make appearances that regularly and secondly, I LOVE surfing in the rain. I feel like I’m in some romantic movie, just splashing about in the turquoise water playing with dolphins underwater, and then I often get a rude awakening when I get taken out by a wave, or have to paddle uncomfortably close to the nearest poor surfer in my reach due to my rather large fear of seals, or dolphins, or anything else that is a dark shape in the water.

Clayton Surfboard – This is my prized possession. After being given a decent discount by Lifestyle Surf Shop in Muizenberg, I was convinced to take the plunge and buy this new baby. The model is called a ‘Clayton Dredger’ and the dimensions are 5’11 x 18 3/4 x 2 5/16. My super-girly leash (of which I’ve seen more guys wear than girls) and foot pad, is a Dakine Kanui.

Topo Bag – This bag was featured in my last ‘Canada Essentials blog post, and due to its waterproof and Nicole-resistant nature, it stores anything and everything for me from towels to wet bikini’s to shells and rocks that I pick up along the way for bedroom decorating purposes.

Rip Curl Ladies Flashbomb Wetsuit – After one year, my previous Rip Curl Flashbomb started rapidly deteriorating and upon complaining and receiving poor customer service, I was reluctant to spend money again on new Rip Curl suit. With a temporary solution of superglue and gaffir tape, I managed to get another 2 months out of my wetsuit, and on my birthday, I was lucky enough to be given this beauty. Obviously I couldn’t be rude and reject the gift, so instead I graciously accepted it, did a happy dance, put it on straight away and we have been best buddies since. In all seriousness, this suit often leaves me overheating when everybody else is freezing in the water, something which is pretty rare in the icy Atlantic waters.

Cotton On Sweatpants – I have two pairs and pretty much alternate them daily. It got really bad during exams when my mom had to sneak into my room when I was sleeping so that she could wash them before magically placing them back in my cupboard. Let’s just say, they’re what I’d imagine unicorn skin to feel like.

Daniel Wellington Watch – The Classy St. Mawes, something a little more suited to Winter wear. If you like this watch, I currently have a 15% discount code going on until July 15th. Use the promotion code ‘NICOLEEDDY’ for any online purchase.

Island Tribe – I always had the problem of coming out of the ocean with a burnt face even when applying heavy sun cream. After trying Island Tribe I hardly ever get burnt during my 1-2 hour surf sessions, and still come out the water with a greasy face.

Argan Oil – Saltwater really DESTROYS hair. It makes it brittle, dry and bleached blonde which isn’t always that great as it strips it of its nutrients. After a surf, I’ve started to put a few drops of Argan Oil on and it helps to return some life to my hair, giving it a somewhat silky look. The only problem is that good argan oil that doesn’t leave your hair greasy after applying, is expensive to buy and hard to find.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses – These are my latest aviator edition. I think that sunglasses are pretty self-explanatory.

If any of you surf, what are some of your ‘Winter Surf Essentials’. Let me know in the comments below.